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Solvent Recovery Systems

Container Cleaning Equipment


Does your business use expensive solvents in its manufacturing or fabrication processes? Would you like to store fewer solvents on-site and reduce your need for costly waste disposal services? Is your company concerned with environmental and worker safety regulations?


DISTI provides a wide range of high quality, fully automated and safe solvent recovery systems. Solvent recovery equipment recycles contaminated liquid solvents back to their original form, making them available for use again in your production processes. Purchasing a solvent recovery system is a great way for a company with manufacturing or fabrication facilities to save time and money over the long run of their operations. DISTI has a solvent recovery system for every capacity and every budget. The payback of a solvent recovery system is always one year or less.

Any business that uses stationary tanks and Tote tanks in their operations can benefit greatly from having on-site container cleaning equipment. Having a tank washing system on-site will not only improve your productivity by having better cleaned tanks available quickly, but is also a safety and health benefit for your employees.

Take a look at our catalog of products or contact us for more information on how you can start realizing a savings and improve your quality today.

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